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Pear & Parmesan Crostini with Balsamic

Halfway between Modena and Bologna, you’ll find the home of La Cà dal Nôn (The House of the Grandfather) who have produced traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena for generations.

La Ca Dal Non Farmhouse in Modena Italy

La ca dal non vineyard in Modena, Italy

Traditional Modena balsamics can be found in two forms: “younger” aged 12 years or more and “extravecchio” aged 25 years or more. These are not the average vinegars found in your local supermarket. These are artisanal products; the result of generations of refinement. And a little bit goes a long way.  “Franco” is a perfect go between the younger and older balsamic, best used whenever you want to give a fruity note to your dishes. Here is a family recipe straight from Modena, also using “SABA” produced from their pure grape must:

La Ca Dal Non recipe with pear, parmesan and balsamic vinegar of Modena

Pears & Parmigiano Crostini

4 slices of wholewheat bread
1 pear, skinless and quartered longways
3 tbsp SABA
juice of 1 lemon
60 gr Noto almonds
4 tbsp of Red Cow cheese or Parmigiano Reggiano, grated
extra-virgin olive oil
black pepper
Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena FRANCO

In a bowl, marinade the pear slices with 2 tbsp SABA, 1 tbsp olive oil, lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Blend the almonds, 4 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp SABA, salt and pepper into a smooth paste, eventually adding a little water. Grill the pear slices on a piping hot griddle pan or bake them for 10 mins in hot oven at 180°C, softening them, but still with a bite.

To prepare the crostini, put a little almond paste on each bread slice, then a grilled pear slice and 1 tbsp of the grated cheese. Grill in the oven for 3 minutes and serve hot with drops of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena “Franco”.

You can find La Cà dal Nôn balsamics in store and online here and in several of our 2022 Christmas hampers

Celebrating 100 Years of Burrata

The year is 1922. At a dinner in Paris, the stars of the Modernist movement Sergei Diaghilev, Igor Stravinsky, Pablo Picasso, Marcel Proust, James Joyce, Erik Satie and Clive Bell dine together in Paris at The Majestic Hotel – the only time they would all meet together. Centre Court at Wimbledon is opened by King George V. The inventor of the modern telephone Alexander Graham Bell passes away. And in Apulia, one hundred years ago, legend has it that a local cheesemaker Lorenzo Bianchino Chieppa invents burrata.

The world’s favourite cheese was created as a clever use for leftovers from the mozzarella making process while also keeping cheese fresh in the days before refrigeration. Leftover strips of stretched curd were placed in a pouch of mozzarella (made by blowing warm, fresh mozzarella to make a balloon) and topped up with the cream that formed on top of that morning’s milking. The cream acted as a preservative to prevent the mozzarella strips turning acidic. The pouch was dipped in brine to toughen the outer layer before being wrapped in asphodel leaves to keep the burrata moist and fresh. As long as the leaves were green, the cheese inside remained fresh.

It remained a local delicacy until the 1950s when larger Italian cheese production factories caught wind. Yet it is still considered a gourmet cheese to this day, thanks to its complex production process and short shelf-life. Grab a bunch of fresh basil, prosciutto crudo, your favourite olive oil and a loaf of crusty bread… and celebrate 100 years of this glorious cheese.

Find it fresh in store. 

Producer of the month: TiramisUGO

This is life-changing tiramisu with a heart-warming story behind it. Made from a treasured family recipe with the best of ingredients from Italy and Cornwall, our team could not get enough when we first tasted it. We sat down with founder Ugo for a chat.

What makes the perfect Tiramisu?

Balance and simplicity. Tiramisu is a magical dessert. It seems too easy to make to then become the most famous Italian dessert in the world. However few people know that the authentic tiramisu is made of only 6 ingredients: mascarpone, eggs, coffee, ladyfingers, cocoa powder, sugar. Perfection is achieved not only by balancing the coffee with the Savoiardi but through a perfect viscosity of mascarpone cream – genuine, fresh free-range eggs help.


Life-changing foodie moment? 

My life is full of foodie moments – but if I had to choose one, I would say being a Judge at the Tiramisu World Cup in Treviso in 2019. It was like entering a magical world made of tiramisu and friends.

Where is your favourite place in Cornwall? 

Porthgwarra (to relax) – a real smugglers harbour where time stopped and where you can think with a lighter head. Truro Farmer’s Market (for friends) – I love being part of the market family. A place where you can share stories and hard work with like-minded people. A wonderful place to be every Saturday to engage with the local community.

Where is your favourite place in Italy? 

Alpe Motta (Madesimo, Sondrio) – The mountains where I ski with my friends. My passion beyond cooking and the arts.

What’s next for you & TiramisUGO?

To make my dad proud and try my best to make this pud the most iconic tiramisu brand in the UK. To forever change how tiramisu is enjoyed in this Country. To launch our ready meals through “The Cornish Italian,” created under lockdown. And, as for my life, I shall continue to live in Cornwall with my new wife Laura, enjoying little/big things nature offers.

You’ll find TiramisUGO in the dessert fridge close to our cashier’s. And a bit more about Ugo’s current projects in our Journal on www.panzers.co.uk


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