TAHI Manuka Honey now in

You might have noticed that we’ve just stocked up on the most INCREDIBLE Manuka honey.

The Tahi Manuka honey range is from hives in the Tahi ecological reserve in a remote corner of New Zealand.
Range of tahi honeys

And, while most of us know that Manuka honey contains a lot of nutritional and well-being benefits, here are 7 things – we’re pretty sure – you might not know about Tahi Manuka honey:

  • UMF stands for Unique Manuka Honey Factor – the higher the better. Try our Tahi 15+
  • Manuka fights allegies, digestive issues and can even be used externally on wounds and burns
  • Don’t heat it. Take it for your sore throat but don’t put it in hot drinks.
  • There’s absolutely nothing artificial in this Tahi Manuka honey
  • Tahi are all about the health of their bees, which is why they treat honey with such respect. No pollen traps nor bee venom was used to make this honey
  • Harvested, extracted, tested, certified and packed in New Zealand, this honey has a creamy texture and a pretty unique (and delicious) taste
  • And finally Tahi is an eco-friendly, biodiversity positive brand with 100% of their profits go back into their conservation projects

Ask any of our team in store to show you where you can find our Tahi honey – we’re dying to hear what you think of it!