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One for the tinned fish lovers

A selection of tinned fish from Spain, Portugal and Italy from Panzer's DeliGet geeky with us below if you want to learn more about some of our tinned fish, our favourite snack.

Conservas Ortiz (Spain) – In 1891, Bernardo Ortiz de Zárate began purchasing anchovies and north coast tuna from coastal fisherman, pickling the fish in wooden barrels to preserve them and sell the following day throughout Castile. He invented a system of mobile factories working exclusively on the coast. Escabeche is the technique of using vinegar to preserve food, protect flavour and preserve for a longer period of time, which Ortiz has mastered for more than 130 years. 

Fast forward to the beginning of the 20th century and canning companies began to learn from the Italian salting technique “all vera carne” (spreading very little salt between layers of anchovies). As with many jobs linked to the sea, the work in the canning factories was mainly run by women while men were out on the water (and in many places in Spain and Portugal, this is still the case today). With Italian immigrants as far flung as the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa wanting a taste from back home and Spain having some of the best anchovies in the world, Ortiz’s descendants created Conservas Ortiz in 1942 to satisfy this demand and are now known around the world as one of the best. 


Ortiz Bonita White Tuna Fillets (112g) 
Ortiz Anchovy Fillets
Ortiz Bonita White Tuna Fillets in Glass Jar
Ortiz Bonito Ventresca (Tuna Belly) Fillets in Olive Oil

Conservas Ortiz tinned fish stacked at Panzer's Deli

Rizzoli (Italy) – Rizzoli was founded in Turin, on the ancient salt road connecting Piedmont with the port of Genoa and its wooden barrels filled with tuna. But after 30 years, the town of Parma with its booming tomato canning industry and a working railway system that caught their eye. Their anchovies in spicy sauce in their iconic gold tin are their flagship product – a recipe handed down orally to the firstborn of the family. Once prepared, it is left to mature for six months in old Marsala wooden barrels. And for over a century, they have used the same spice suppliers. “The smells and flavours of this emblem of Italian cuisine have never changed: there was no need. Proudly, since 1906.”


Rizzoli Anchovies in EVO
Rizzoli Anchovies in Spicy Sauce

Minerva (Portugal) – Named after the Greco-Roman goddess of excellence and wisdom, Minerva have been in the tinned fish business since 1938. After each day’s catch, the fish is hand-picked and deboned, steamed and then canned. A company with a great diversity of products and excellent quality. 


Minerva Sardines in Olive Oil
Minerva Skinless & Boneless Sardines
Minerva Sardines in Lemon & Olive Oil

A stack of Minerva tinned fish at Panzer's DeliArmatore (Italy) – Armatore select only the largest anchovies, still fished at night off the Amalfi Coast each spring and processed just a few hours later, according to centuries-old Cetarese tradition. Matured in “terzigni” (chestnut barrels) for a minimum of 8 months, they are preserved in high quality olive oil. Be sure to also try the 4Rotte by Armatore products: “Ricciola” (Amberjack renown for its firm, pink flesh and delicate flavour) “Pesce Spade” (Swordfish fillets sourced from the Mediterranean) and “Scombro” (Mackerel Fillets with an authentic flavour of Cetara, Italy).

Producer of the Month: Sea Sisters

Very minimal introduction needed here as their interview says it all… we might have a crush on Charlotte and Angus, the duo behind Sea Sisters and the East London Canning Co.

Portrait of Charlotte and Angus from Sea Sisters

SeaSisters is a lockdown creation! How did the idea first strike you? 

Before having children we set off in a transit van (kitted out with a bed) down the west coast of France to the Basque region of Spain and then through the midi Pyrenees to Italy. As young loves on a shoestring budget we lived off a lot of tinned fish. We loved the Pintxos eateries of San Sebastián and the simplicity of seasonal food. We shopped solely in markets and local delis and dreamed of our own restaurant one day. When the pandemic hit and the hospitality industry was under threat, we decided it was time to shift gears. Our dream of having our own range of British tinned fish started its journey. More than a year of trials and recipe testing and we launched before Christmas in 2021- the only people canning fish in England.

Angus holds cans from his East London Canning CoTell us a bit about canning culture at the time you started 

We did a lot of research about canning but essentially we have learned everything we now know ourselves through trial and error. With each new line of tinned fish comes new skills and experience.

The canning industry is quite secret with each cannery having their own methods and trade secrets- just like us. We have been lucky to work with some brilliant food scientists and thermal processing experts to deliver a range of products we are proud of.

Canning fish in Europe is a huge part of its culture and there are many canneries in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and throughout Scandinavia etc.

We hadn’t considered the lack of fish canneries here in the UK or questioned before where our tinned fish came from. But that piece is now very important to us. We want to know that the tinned fish we are eating comes from ethical and responsible sources. Our brand tells the story of tinned fish. We know where all our fish comes from, we only preserve in season and we use methods that have the least impact on the environment. Our queenies of examples are gathered using sail and oar power.

You work closely with other excellent small producers, tell us about a few? 

We love to support producers who also believe in sustainable and regenerative methods. The Real Cure in Dorset is an excellent charcuterie producer making some of the best charcuterie the UK has to offer. Including their award winning ‘nduja which we use with our mussels.

The Somerset Cider Brandy Company in Burrow Hill are fantastic traditional cider and oak-aged cider vinegar producers. We’ve been drinking the fruits of their labour for years and are looking forward to buying a pint at Glastonbury festival next week.

A huge amount of work goes into making a quality product. We enjoy working with people who have a love and passion for not only making something delicious but doing it the right way, which is often the harder way.

Portrait of Angus from East London Canning Co.

Favourite recipe using canned fish? 

Our cans of pollock and smoked trout are perfect with eggs so we serve them for breakfast a lot.

We have two lines of cuttlefish. These tins are great served warmed up and stirred through steamed rice with a quick aioli and a squeeze of lemon.

Components for a perfect picnic?  

All of our tins are perfect for a picnic. Crusty bread or crackers with crudités and pickles make a delicious picnic accompanied with a glass of wine.

Daughter of Sea Sisters founders peeks out from behind an apron

SeaSisters itinerary for a great day out in East London 

We named our brand after our two young daughters. If you’ve got children like we do east London is great for children. Daubeny Fields is right by our house and has an adventure play, a playground with sandpit and a skate park. It’s right on the canal so you can walk up the water to Hackney Marshes. The Chatsworth Road food markets on Sundays are great for lunch and we head to the Chesham Arms for a pint. You can order Yard Sale Pizza at the pub-which has a beer garden.

Find Sea Sisters inside Panzer’s near our condiment section or order online


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