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March Seasonal Produce


Best foraged when young, March is peak wild garlic season. While pungent in flavour, it is gentler in flavour. Wonderful paired with salmon. Blitz with walnuts, olive oil and parmesan for a delicious wild garlic pesto. (Keep an eye out for Panzer’s Own Wild Garlic Pesto in store soon…) Or roll it into butter and freeze – it will last for months!

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When weighing up lemons, always choose the heavier ones, regardless of its size…. its weight is a sign of more sugar and mineral content. A warm lemon is also easier to squeeze and produces more juice. Top tip: warm up to room temperature or even pop in the microwave for a few seconds. (Many thanks to Mary Berry for that last tip!)

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Leafier and more dishevelled looking than its cousin broccoli, these delicate little stems are great tossed in a spring greens salad with peas and buffalo mozzarella. Or roast in a tart of puff pastry with goat’s cheese and hazelnuts.

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Producer of the month: Crumpetorium

Introducing a new crush: Crumpetorium. These are crumpets like you’ve never seen them before!

We were delighted to discover Katina Ajomale’s delicious small batch, artisan flavoured and preservative free treats. We asked her for the story behind her country kitchen in Norfolk:

What made you decide to start Crumpetorium? 

I went on a 5 month worldwide trip and craved crumpets, so thought I’d have a go at making them back in the UK, just for fun. Arriving back to the full extent of the Pandemic meant I couldn’t get a job, so I started experimenting more with flavours to keep busy. It snowballed quickly and now it’s a fully-fledged business!

Biggest “pinch me” moment since launching? 

Being asked to film for ITV’s new upcoming Ainsley Harriott TV show! The filming day was so much fun – can’t wait to see the results when it’s out in Sept/October!

Best way to eat a crumpet most people won’t have thought of? 

You can do so much with a crumpet and I love experimenting with them! We had an incredible ‘crumpet recipe’ day with a local food blogger / chef @love_norwich_food. My favourites were the “Flambé Chocolate Chip crumpets with bananas in toffee vodka” and the “Hor Mok Thai Crumpets”, using ginger crumpets steamed with salmon for a delicious Thai curry.

Favourite thing about your home of Norfolk? 

I’m a relative newbie to Norfolk, having moved up from Brighton at the start of the pandemic, but I already love the stunning countryside, the friendliness of the people and the strong sense of community (particularly noticeable during COVID-19). Norwich is such a beautiful city and the food and drink scene is brilliant!

What do you love about Panzer’s? 

Panzer’s is such a legendary deli! I love the commitment to brilliant quality (in products and service), and the amazing variety of items on offer. Their openness to discover new products and support a tiny business like mine really impressed me. They really go the extra mile for their customers and suppliers, and it makes such a difference.

You’ll find Crumpetorium in the freezer closest to our cashiers. And the two recipes mentioned above in our Journal on www.panzers.co.uk

Producer of the Month: White Mausu

Founder Katie Sanderson was born and grew up in Hong Kong and the inspiration behind her recipes is the amalgamation of those early years, time spent travelling, working in kitchens, and the strong belief that a good larder full of condiments makes cooking a breeze. 

We currently stock all 3 of our utterly delicious products: Peanut Rayu, Cashew Crunch and Black Bean Rayu and couldn’t wait to ask her a few questions about her love of food: 

Why did you launch White Mausu? 

We launched White Mausu off the back of the success of the Peanut Rãyu, which I’d started making a year or so before and selling from a stall at Dublin Flea Market. My partner Jasper and I launched White Mausu in 2016 (our son was born the following year).  The brand now comprises a Black Bean Rãyu and a Cashew Crunch as well as the inaugural Peanut Rãyu. 

Favourite foods at Panzer’s? 

As an Irish woman I am always going to be flying the flag for Irish produce and Irish cheese has always been amazing.  And so I’m delighted to see that Gubbeen, St Tola and Durrus cheeses all feature in your deli selection. 

Life changing foodie moment? 

I have a few! But a plate of tomatoes eaten on the street outside a little bar in San Sebastian always trumps my fancier memories – they were so perfectly in season!   

How do you eat your bagel? 

Toasted with an unhealthy amount of Kerrygold Irish butter…  

What’s next for White Mausu? 

We have been overwhelmed by the reception White Mausu has received this year in the UK.  As we move into additional European markets, I am also starting work on some new additions to the White Mausu offering so watch this space!  

You’ll find White Mausu in our oriental section behind the sushi fridge. 

Punchy Drinks at Panzer’s

In a world of sugary, eco-destructive and unadventurous drinks, Punchy is a breath of fresh air.   With a mission to make the best drinks everthe team only use the best ingredients, plastic-free packaging, and a percentage of all our sales going to charities dedicated to protecting our environment. Expect natural, refreshing punches which will remind you how much you love the outdoors and summer fun. 

Here is our interview: 

Why did you launch Punchy Drinks?  We saw an opportunity to create a vibrant drink with all the health benefits that people want today – but without compromising on flavour. 

Where did the idea come from?  A combination of innovation in craft beer and growth in the no/low category – we felt there was an opportunity to create a soft drinks brand that catered for a younger audience.  

Which is your favourite flavour and why?  Peach Ginger and Chai for me, it’s super refreshing. 

Favourite snacks with your Punchy?  Green olives – absolute winning combo. 

How would you describe Panzer’s?  Wall to wall deliciousness.  

How do you eat your bagel?  Cream cheese, cucumber and smoked salmon for me. Dangerously tasty.      

Check out for Punchy Drinks in the fridge behind the wine rack.   


NEW chocolate bars: Heist & Hogarth

You may have noticed – we have two very exciting and utterly delicious NEW lines of chocolate bar in store.  Here is all you need to know about each one … 


Behind these New Zealand bars is a husband-and-wife team with a sole mission to make the best chocolate and to share it with the world. Pushing boundaries with new flavour combinations, the duo want to challenge our perceptions of what chocolate actually is. 

Buttered Toast and Sea Salt (pictured) is flavoured with rye bread and pure New Zealand butter. 

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Mikey Lewis only uses single origin, organic cacao beans in his Heist bars.  The beans are personally hand sorted, ground and roasted (by him) in a small factory in Cardiff, Wales.  Each bar comes in a beautifully stitched jiffy bag. 

The Margarita bar (pictured) includes a sprinkle of Halen Môn sea salt and a hint of lime coming together to create a fresh tasting 70% chocolate treat – non-alcoholic of course… 

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May Employees of the Month

Debbie and Marc are our joint employees of the month for May.  Always smiling, Debbie is a brilliant barista who takes time to make every single customer feel special as they order their breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Marc is one of our sous-chefs responsible for Panzer’s house-made Granola, our delicious pies and those delicious breakfasts you’ll be enjoying alongside Debbie’s velvety flat white! 

Jack’s Gelato x Panzer’s

After making ice cream in restaurants for 11 years, Jack van Praag launched Jack’s Gelato in 2010. Based in Cambridge, his criteria of making every single ice cream in small batches and only using the very best ingredients remains more than a decade later.  And, once we’d tried every flavour he’d ever churned and scooped, we knew that this was the ice cream we wanted to serve at Panzer’s. 

We interviewed Jack for our May Newsletter:

What makes a great ice cream?  Great ingredients, the best equipment, skill and hard work! 

How many boules is best?  Generally, I would say one! I think most of the time a flavour is best enjoyed on its own. As with every rule, there are exceptions – for example: try a scoop of Lemon with a scoop of Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt. 

Which is your favourite flavour and why?    It would have to be Stracciatella. I just love it. The contrast between the sweet cream base and the dark bitter chocolate is just something I will never tire of. We use the best milk and cream from The Estate Dairy and various world class chocolates (at the moment we are using chocolate from Pump Street Bakery) and they are both able to absolutely shine.  

Where would we find you on a hot summer’s day?  In the kitchen.  

How would you describe Panzer’s?   Utterly Unique. Driven by passion and obsession. A treasure trove of the world’s best produce.  

How do you eat your bagel?  Everything Bagel toasted with cream cheese and jalapenos.     

You’ll find 13 flavours of Jack’s Gelato in Panzer’s Ice Cream freezer.     

Scooping: 12noon -730pm 

April Employee of the Month

Anna is part of the shop floor team ensuring that our shelves are not only fully stocked but also beautifully displayed. She checks in deliveriesupdating our systems and has been recognised because she is meticulousfocussed and a huge asset to the business.  

How long have you worked at Panzer’s?  Just over 2 years. 

What do you love about your role?  Well, I love food and I also love people – the team here is brilliant and the customers are super friendly too!  So I think it’s the combination of the food and the people, plus I’m always learning in my role which is important to me. 

Describe Panzer’s in 3 words.  Top quality and international.

Which is your favourite bagel? I adore the Everything Bagel – either with nothing on it or with smoked salmon and cream cheese. 

Do seek out Anna when you’re shopping in store and congratulate her in person! 


Blondies Kitchen Cookie Dough Rolls

Ready-to-bake Cookie Dough Rolls have been one of the biggest lockdown joys in many a Panzer’s household.  All you have to do is slice the dough and pop in a pre-heated oven for 10-12 minutes.  The cookies are second to none, the effort really is minimal!  We couldn’t wait to zoom-in on Blondies Kitchen and find out more about Kristelle and Chelsie, the team behind this genius idea. Unsurprisingly, Kristelle’s background had always been in restaurants and Chelsie spent more than two years at BBC Good Food as a cookery writer.

Here is our interview with the duo: 

Do you both have foodie backgrounds? 

Yes – we’ve both worked in food for a while plus we’re trained chefs so we know a thing or 2 about cookies 

 Where did the idea come from? 

Kristelle had been baking the original recipe since she was a child and always sold the cookies at the deli where she worked. Each batch she made flew off the shelves. So, we started adapting and creating lots of different flavours. Before we knew it, we were branded “the cookie girls” in North London.  

Which cookie do you eat the most? 

Whenever we add new flavours to our menu, they’re often my “go to” cookie for a few weeks until I can’t eat any more! Although, one cookie that I’ll never tire of is our Cocoberry cookie. It’s a toasted coconut base with raspberry jam and desiccated coconut on top. It reminds me of the old school coconut sponge and custard I used to love as a child, and each bite takes me right back to that happy time. In my humble opinion, it’s the most underrated cookie on the menu. Everyone always goes for chocolate!  

How would you describe Panzer’s? 

Panzer’s is every food lover’s dream.  Aisles of freshness, exciting new products and, of course, quality ingredients and fresh food. You pop in for something you need but leave with a dozen things you never knew you wanted. For me, it’s the deli I wish was across the road from me, but is worth making the trip, even though it’s not 

Favourite bagel topping? 

Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, squeeze of lemon and a twist of cracked black pepper. I’m a classic Jewish girl, what can I say![Text Wrapping Break] 

What’s next for Blondies Kitchen? 

We’re constantly innovating and creating new products for our lovely customers. Covid has been such a worrying time for all food businesses so this year we’re taking everything in our stride and focusing on producing the quality we love.    

Look out for our Blondies Kitchen Easy-to-Bake Dough in the dessert fridge near the deli counter. 

Valentine’s Day at Panzer’s

Valentine’s Day is the most wonderful excuse to spoil those you love.

We have a range of gifts and hampers as well as, heart-shaped house-baked Linzer Cookies and all the floral treats too. Our hampers and gifts are full of delicious treats such as Salted Caramel Truffles, Cherries in Kirsch, Sparkling Pinot Noir Rosé and can all be sent nationwide.

In other ‘LOVE-news’ we have a very special Valentine’s Day MENU so that you and your partner can enjoy a deliciously romantic meal at home (complete with 3-courses PLUS wine!) – delivered (local only) to your home.  


To order this menu – please email shop@panzers.co.uk with your name, address and choice of starter.


Local London Delivery

Due to the nature of our range, some items can only be delivered within the London area. If your order containers any flowers or fresh fruit then you will need to live locally to be able to have it delivered. Sushi is delivered within a 3 mile radius of our store.

Nationwide Delivery

All other goods can be delivered nationwide (excluding Highlands and Islands) via our partner couriers. There is a slightly larger delivery cost for this service outside of London.

Collection In Store

Everything on the store can be ordered for collection from our store. Orders must be picked up on your chosen collection date, and can be picked up from the store between the hours of 9am – 6pm, seven days a week. If your order was placed online, please bring your order confirmation when collecting.

Certain goods can be sent overseas, please call for more information.