Passover Shopping 2020



While we’re all preoccupied with general grocery shopping, it really is time we turned our attention to those Passover products with less than a week before Seder Night.  

As well as all the matzah you could dream of – we have made a list of our key kosher-for-Passover items for you to choose from and purchase by emailing

Once you have sent us your Passover wishlist (and do add your other groceries to your list too!), we will call you to confirm your order and take payment.


Aviv Gluten Free Matzo£6.80
Yehuda Gluten Free Matzo£5.45
Matzoth Thin & Crisps£9.60
Matsot Sucree£12.85
A. Alias Orange Peel£6.55
Scheneider’s Choc Addict Dark Noir£3.85
Snowcrest Raspberry Jelly£1.99
Snowcrest Strawberry Jelly£1.99
Darouio Dessicated Coconut£2.95
Medley Ground Hazelnuts£3.85
Medley Ground Walnuts£4.15
Medley Raw Walnuts£3.15
Medley Ground Almonds£3.95
Medley Ground Almonds£7.15
Medley Flaked Almonds£3.10
Osau Cookies with Coconut£2.70
Manischewitz Chocolate Cake Mix£7.25
Manischewitz Chocolate Brownie Mix£7.25
Munch Real Candy Dipped Fingers£8.10
Munch Real Sandwich Cookies£8.10
Munch Real Chocolate Dipped Cookies£8.10
Munch Real Black & White Cookies£8.10
Munch Real Double Fudge Cookies£8.10
Munch Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies£8.90
Silver Passover Napkins£3.75
Haggedo Baby Fingers£4.95
Paskesz Mini Croutons£7.85
Eskal Mini Soup Croutons£5.30
Oberlander Soup Madlen£4.50
Gideon Spring Pure Honey£5.95
St. Dalthour Raspberry Jam£3.25
St. Dalthour Thick Cut Orange Marmalade£3.25
St. Dalthour Apricot Jam£3.25
St. Dalthour Strawberry Jam£3.25
Tuscanini White Fig Spread£3.80
Tuscanini Strawberry Spread£3.80
Tiptree Strawberry Jam£3.90
Tiptree Apricot Jam£3.90
Tiptree Blackcurrant Jam£3.90
Tiptree Seedless Raspberry£3.90
Tiptree ‘No Peel’ Orange Marmalade£3.90
Osem Vegetable Soup Mix£3.99
Telma Beef Cubes£0.95
Telma Chicken Cubes£0.95
Yehuda Chocolate Matzo£3.70
Tuscanini Rosemary Potato Chips£3.95
Tuscanini Rosemary Ripple Potato Chips£3.95
Telina Matzo Ball Mix£1.95
Unger’s Mayonnaise£8.60
Unger’s ‘Lite’ Mayonnaise£8.60
Haddar Deli Mustard£6.20
Osem Mini Croutons Soup Mandel£2.75
Owlet Cox Kent Apple Juice£3.75
Owlet Cox Kent Pear Juice£3.75
Tuscanini Tomato Juice£2.35
King of the Ocean Tuna£1.95
Lior Fire Sea Salt£1.10
Mrs El Haimisha Cucumber£2.30
Mrs El Haimisha Sweet & Sour Cucumbers£2.30
Mrs El Haimisha Sweet & Sour Spear Cucumbers£2.30
Mrs El Haimisha Cucumber Spear with Dill£2.30
Mrs El Haimisha Whole Sweet Cucumbers£2.30
Snowcrest Cinnamon Balls (400g)£9.50
Snowcrest Hazelnut & Almond Balls (400g)£10.30
Snowcrest Coconut Macaroons (400g)£9.50
Snowcrest Almond Macaroons (400g)£10.30
Snowcrest Chocolate Almond Macaroons (400g)£10.30
Snowcrest Mixed Macaroons (400g)£10.30